Jon Paul Davies

Liverpool UK based software professional and entrepreneur with 20+ years experience of making computers do the right thing.


I'm a Liverpool UK based software professional with 20+ years experience of making computers do the right thing, resulting in a trail of happy customers across the globe.

As an entrepreneur I'm a veteran of several successful start-up exits and work with many start-ups on an advisory basis.

I am lucky enough to be a founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Diskette. Diskette is uncovering new ways of bringing software products to market. By combining a dedicated, expert, in-house software team with a unique idea validation process, Diskette pops out fully formed micro-businesses ready for the world to enjoy. Diskette is a 'brain trust' that removes the guesswork out of the product creation and customer acquisition processes.

In the past I've founded and successfully exited some other software businesses including Cassette, Qivox and Wranx.

Systems I've personally delivered are used by 10 million UK customers on a daily basis, so building the 'big stuff' is something I am experienced in.

I've also worked as the senior technical resource in a sales team that has landed multi-millions in sales in the past year. Again, the big projects are not things I shy away from!


My skills include software development, large scale systems architecture, team management, agile processes, presentation, mentoring, board-level management, strategy and acting as a technical sales wing-man. My role at Wranx requires me to:
  • Define the strategic direction and business priorities for the development of technology, ensuring that digitally driven solutions and services are fully supported.
  • Be accountable for the design, development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of all technology platforms.
  • Provide strong leadership and board-level advocacy for the delivery of technology solutions, both IT and digital.
  • Maintain strategic service provider partnerships.
  • Lead the analysis and re-engineering of business processes, identifying and developing the capability to use new tools.
  • Have substantial experience of leading and developing multiple IT functions and teams to deliver services in complex multi-layered organisations that are IT-dependent.
  • Have demonstrable change management experience with success in modernising systems and processes and creating a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Have deep experience of leading IT/digital transformation projects in large multi-site, highly complex organisations.
  • Experience of defining system architectures and the design and development of strategic information systems to deliver transformational change.
  • Experience of innovative approaches to sourcing services.
  • Experience of developing technology and digital strategies.
  • Understanding and experience of using of agile project management techniques and working practices, open source, cloud platforms and digital services.
  • Awareness of industry standard security issues and processes.
I code too, to a high level in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. I'm also a Microsoft MCPD, MCTS and MCP in ASP.NET and SQL.


For fun I code, run, play ukulele and hang out with my friends and family.